Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Accredited Caribbean Medical school - Avalon University

Hello people, here is the virtual tour video of Avalon University School of Medicine which is one of the top Accredited Caribbean Medical schools. It is situated on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao. Avalon University is fully accredited Caribbean medical school.

AUSOM is a North American based medical program designed for students who want to pursue a career in medicine in the United States, Canada, and most parts of the world. Our attractive low student / teacher ratio allows for personalized instruction rarely found in other medical school programs. Of all the medical schools in the Caribbean, AUSOM's faculty includes esteemed professors and physicians from top teaching medicals school and institutions from all over the world.

Avalon University also provides highly sought after clinical rotations in U.S. teaching hospitals. It is during these clinical rotations students work directly with physicians and hospital staff to become familiar with hospital practices and settings. Students become comfortable in taking histories and conducting physical examinations, case presentations, laboratory analysis, and attending workshops, conferences and grand rounds. Hands-on experience provides students the opportunity to complement theoretical knowledge with live patient presentations. The clinical medicine program at AUSOM provides a competitive edge to ensure that students are prepared for residency programs.

AUSOM is one of the first Caribbean medical schools to incorporate the most cutting edge technology available in medical school instruction: palatinate human organs. These specimens are actual human organs which are preserved through a process called plastination. This process increases specimen durability, allowing students to accurately study anatomical concepts without exposure to toxic chemicals.

Accredited Caribbean Medical school - Avalon University

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