Monday, 21 September 2015

Why Should I choose Caribbean medical school?

Getting into medical school in the United States has become extremely hard. Many students are left disappointed after working hard but feeling as if they are not good enough. Many applicants that have the passion and dedication to pursue medicine are considering attending medical school in the Caribbean. Schools in the Caribbean offer an education that is just as good as the United States. Medical school can be exhausting, stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but stepping outside to watch the beautiful sunset on the beach makes it worth the pain! Attending school in another country teaches students to be independent and learn a lot about themselves.

Attending Caribbean medical school secludes you from your friends, family and distractions which ultimately allow you to bond with fellow students and faculty in an academic environment. Medical schools in the Caribbean have a lot to offer. The application process is much faster than that of U.S. or Canadian medical schools. Usually, the entire application process takes no more than 1-2 weeks!  Students are fighting over seats, like they do in the United States. The medical schools in the Caribbean follow the same curriculum is U.S medical schools, with experienced professors with a vast amount of knowledge they are more than willing to share. 

Caribbean medical schools make it so easy to feel as if you belong. With the opportunity to complete clinical rotations in the United States students are able to learn all the same hands-on experiences with patients as U.S. medical students. This also gives students the best chance to receive residencies and practice in the United States and counties all over the world. Caribbean medical graduates obtain an extensive amount of knowledge studying abroad, while also learning a vast amount about different cultures and customs. Working with islanders is a very humbling and wonderful learning experience. When people usually think of the Caribbean, they do not think of medical school. 

These schools offer a chance to allow personal growth, faster application process, less competition for seating and the same strong education and opportunities as medical schools in the U.S... They also offer beautiful beaches and give aspiring physicians a great opportunity to pursue their dreams. Attending a Caribbean medical school offers tons of experience and is a wonderful experience for students who are not willing to give up on their dreams of becoming an aspiring physician.

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